Born in the Netherlands, I was brought up with music. My parents sang in an operetta choir and my brother played the guitar and in a band. At the age of 7, I started singing in the church children's choir and playing piano. One year later, I started playing the clarinet and was a member of the town Harmonie Orchester until I was 16. But when I was 13, I started playing keyboards and singing in bands. That’s where I found my passion. At 16, I exchanged the clarinet lessons for vocal lessons to concentrate on singing. During my detour, studying Music Management in Tilburg, I was doing workshops with the Nederlands Musical Ensemble (NME), under the direction of Ivo van Leeuwen, and at the MusicAllFactory in Tilburg. With the NME we did lots of events, the first tour of Musicals in Concert, Soccerplayer of the year to name two. I knew I wanted to make art my life so I applied to and was accepted to the Fontys Academy of Dance in the Musical Theatre department. That’s when life went crazy with dancing, acting and singing lessons from the best teachers like Edward Hoepelman, Jimmy Hutchinson, and Patty Obey.

Soon after, I booked my first long-running musical, Tanz der Vampire. It took me out of the Netherlands and brought me to Stuttgart, Germany, where I spend a year and a half performing as a vampire. But life as a musical performer is full of adventure. I moved to Berlin to play in Les Misérables in the beautiful Theater des Westens.

The musical Elisabeth brought me back to Stuttgart, where I was an understudy for Tod and Crown Prince Rudolf. After that, I left Germany to play such roles as Galileo and Brit in We Will Rock You in Zürich, Switzerland, and Vienna, Austria. I then traded in my rock and roll leather jacket for something from the Arthurian legend to perform in Spamalot with an amazing cast in Cologne. I enjoyed playing Lancelot, Bedevere and Galahad.

But the life of a musical theatre performer changes constantly. I had the honour to be back with Elisabeth, this time on tour, and traveled through Germany performing in beautiful cities. After that, a dream came true: Wicked, die Hexen von Oz. I was lucky enough to also play Fiyero with some crazy-talented Elphabas.

Then, back to Stuttgart for Rebecca, which became my base from then on, although I still travel around for work. State theatre productions followed like Tschitti Tschitti Bäng Bäng, Gefährliche Liebschaften, Singin´ in the Rain and Jesus Christ Superstar at Theater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich, Grand Hotel in Ettlingen and Evita in Darmstadt.

Even after so many years as a performer one could think that the stardust begins to fade. But not in this case. The magic continued when I was cast in Mary Poppins in Stuttgart where I played Von Reibach and the Police Officer. After that it led to Bat Out Of Hell where I played Falco performing the brilliant music of Jim Steinman and the creative ideas of Jay Scheib. Now it’s time to pack my bags and travel to Hamburg to play in Pretty Woman, with the music of Brian Adams and the genius direction and choreography of Jerry Mitchell. I look forward to playing the roles of Edward Lewis and Philipp Stuckey.

Singing and acting is my life. It’s taken me from city to city, allowed me to play many of my dream roles, and I love giving back to the audience every night.

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